Breaking & Drilling Print

Breaking and Drilling


1.  Drill Impact - Standard chuck excluding drill bit

2.  Drill Cordless 18 volt

3.  Drill Rotary Hammer SDS Plus 4-18mm 2Kgs

4.  Drill Rotary Hammer SDS Plus 4-22mm 3Kgs

5.  Drill Rotary Hammer SDS Plus 4-28mm 5Kgs

6.  Drill Rotary Hammer SDS Max 12-40mm 5Kgs

7.  Demolition Hammer SDS Max 5 Kg.H45..HM0860 (including 1 bit)

8.  Demolition Hammer SDS Max 11Kg (including 1 bit)

9.  Demolition Hammer 18kg Hitachi, Makita (including 1 bit)

10. Demolition Hammer 27kg Hitachi, Hilti, Bosch (including 1 bit)

11. Hydraulic Power Pack & 12Kg Breaker & 19Kg Breaker

12. Hydraulic Power Pack & 25Kg Breaker

13. Compressor Portable with Breaker and Air hose

15. Drill Bits SDS Plus & SDS Max

16. Hammer Moil - SDS Max - 18kg - 27kg

17. Core Drilling per mm depth in concrete with steel per mm

Price Guide

- Half day rates = 70% of daily rates on selected items

- Weekend rates = one and a half daily rates

- Deposit required with '3 day hire'

- Special rates on long hire

- Prices are for Time Out, Not time Used

- All machines are supplied full of petrol/diesel, which is an additional charge

- We also deliver and collect, see introduction