We are here for all your tool rentals hire and sales needs catering for the Southern Cape Mossel Bay Gardenroute South Africa. 044 695 0838. We are here for all your tool hire needs, and we are located in mossel bay, and cater to the southern cape.
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Dear Prospective Customer,


The Creditors. Standard terms and conditions of hire.


1. Price. The customer agrees to The Creditors ruling or special price as per the price list or hire note.

2. Warranty. The Creditor gives no warranty that the equipment is suitable. The customer indemnifies

    and hold harmless The Creditor against any claims that is caused by hired/sold equipment whatsoever.

3. Claims The Creditor is not responsible for non delivery.  No claims of any nature for damages will be

   entertained.  The Creditor and is not responsible for any loss or damages of any nature suffered by the


4. Deductions.  No amounts may be deducted for whatever reason from payment owed to The Creditor.

5. Domicilium.  The street address will be the customers domicilium citandi for all purposes arising from

   this agreement.

6. Ownership.  The Creditor retain ownership of all goods hired and must be informed of the address

   where it will be stored.

7. Default and return of goods.  If payment is in default, judgment against or breach or insolvency The

   Creditor reserves the right to remove goods from site.  Claim immediate payment.  Terminate this

   agreement.  Claim attorney, collection other costs.

8. Jurisdiction.  The Customer consents to the jurisdiction of the magistrate's court.  And South African


9. Sole Agreement.  This is the sole agreement between the parties.  All amendments must be signed by

   both parties.

10. Appropiation of payments.  We will at our discretion appropraite payments to cost interest and


11. Terms of payment.  Payment in cash or transfer for goods and services within 30 days.  Interest

      at 2% per month on overdue accounts.  Non payments will lead to revoking of credit facilities. 

      Legal proceedings will be instituted 14 days after due date.

12. Delivery and return.  Equipment is hired ex our premises.  Delivery and collection to and from site

     extra.  Risk passes to customer on delivery.  Customer waives claim against defective equipment. 

     Return only against invoice and off-hire note.  If not returned by 8.30 am an additional days hire will

      be charged.

13. Proof of delivery.  Signature by customer or representative or employee of the hire note/invoice is

      proof of delivery.

14. Incorporations of conditions.  All notices displayed in the premises and printed on hire notes and

      invoices will form part of the agreement.  Customer warrants solvency and that he will be able to

      pay for hires and purchases.

15. Replacement.  Customer accepts responsibility for loss or damage of hired equipment.  The

      reinstatements to pre hire condition including replacement in case of theft or loss at The Creditors

      full price.  Daily hire will be charged until equipment is returned or paid in full.

16. Warranty.  The signatory warrants full disclosure to the financial status of the applicant and

     authorizes enquiries with credit bureau or any other instance like banks and suppliers.

Located in Mossel Bay, catering for the southern cape Located in Mossel Bay, catering for the southern cape Located in Mossel Bay, catering for the southern cape Located in Mossel Bay, catering for the southern cape